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Yo no sabía que contentEditable trabajaba en los navegadores no-IE O_O caer directamente en el cuerpo de una página html si desea probarlo rápidamente: Cuando i pegar cualquier texto en cualquier elemento con la bandera 'contentEditable' habilitado, IE encuentra automáticamente los hipervínculos o dirección  con un documento de IE con contentEditable establecido en verdadero. It's a hack to allow us to use only one HTML file for this // test. Solución actual funciona perfecto en IE / SAF / FF Pero todavía necesito un arreglo HTML


This is a The spellcheck attribute is not supported in Internet Explorer 9 and earlier versions.

Método para hacer que cualquier elemento HTML sea editable. Spec,

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The problem with contenteditable="true" inside contenteditable="true" (to make it not editable) on IE is that double clicking on the inner element makes it editable.

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To provide the same  28 Mar 2016 The contentEditable attribute makes this task a lot easier. All you have to do is set This feature was first implemented by IE 5.5. Later, it was  3 May 2013 This patch changes Blink(Chrome) behavior as IE and FireFox.

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Вместо true допустимо указывать пустое значение (contenteditable="") или вообще его не писать HTML 5 includes the contenteditable attribute, so it looks like it will be in IE for a long time to come. Just received a message from someone from the IE team Although it is in principle impossible to comment on the future with a high degree of confidence, it is fair to say that I do not know about any plans to remove contentEditable, and if it was deleted, it would break many sites. contentEditable - 简介 contentEditable是html中的一个属性。 设置html的 contentEditable =‘ true ’时,即可开启该元素的编辑模式。 Html中的 contentEditable 的 属性 可以打开某些元素的可编辑状态. contentEditable 的作用相当神奇.可以让 div 或整个网页,以及span等等元素设置为可写.我们最常 contentEditable实现div可编辑,控制插入节点(兼容IE). 版权声明:本文为博主原创文章,遵循 CC 4.0 BY-SA 版权协议,转载请附上原文出处链接和本声明。. html5中contentEditable属性规定是否可编辑元素的内容,给需要编辑的节点添加contentEditable=“true”。. 方法是给另一个节点填充相同的内容,然后取这个节点的宽度作为input节点的宽度,需要注意的是,计算宽度的节点和 input的 El evento de input HTML5 es la respuesta a largo plazo. Al momento de escribir, se admite para elementos contenteditable en los navegadores Mozilla actuales (de Firefox 14) y WebKit / Blink, pero no en IE. Manifestación: Consider using MutationObserver.These observers are designed to react to changes in the DOM, and as a performant replacement to Mutation Events..

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When Tim Berners-Lee built the first web browser in 1990, he created modes for both browsing and editing HTML documents. But with HTML5's introduction of the contenteditable global attribute, creating a WYSIWYG editor can be much simpler. Actually, I should mention that the contenteditable attribute has been supported by most major browsers for quite some time. Since contentEditable tries to be a complete WYSIWYG editor itself, with support for all the most important HTML features (lists, tables, links, inline styles, images, etc.) its scope is immense.

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Pros: Fires when any change occurs, which is difficult to achieve by listening to key events as suggested by other answers. For example, all of these work well: drag & drop, italicizing, copy/cut/paste through context menu. If the cursor is in an editable context (for example, in a