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Web sockets are said to be a full duplex communication. HTML5 WebSockets allow you to perform two-way (duplex) communication between the client browser and the server.

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As mentioned, it’s only useful when you build an application designed for it. From a client perspective, all modern HTML5-compliant browsers support the WebSocket class. Libwebsock - C library for easy WebSockets server. Websocket - Websocket server written in C. facil.io - A server/framework library for web applications, including Websockets and native pub/sub.

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That flexibility comes at price. HTML5 WebSocket for node.js. This library is deprecated see readme.

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Birmingham, UK: Packt. Espressif. (2017). ESP8266EX Datasheet [v. 5.7].


Vignettes. WebSockets are supported by most modern browsers and thus make it possible to hook a web application up directly to a kdb+  Michael is also involved in designing HTML5 training courses and building HTML5 mobile and desktop applications for the KX platform.